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Business Consulting

We help companies increase their success rate when time and money are invested in complex development initiatives typically carried out through projects and programs.


We are not bringing with us the message that everything needs to be transformed.

Instead, we bring experience in how to use simple, powerful, and approved grips to effectively address complexity in development environments.

By working closely with our clients, we strive to make any collaboration a rewarding learning process for all parties – and not least to enable our clients to influence their success rate themselves.

Our approach is highly inspired by the ongoing worldwide movement, which goes from organizing in stable hierarchies to organizing into organic networks of self-managed teams.


Independent advisory

Independent advisory and sparring to executives and managers prior to and during complex development initiatives – always with the following question in mind: What is the least it takes to achieve a desired effect?


Supportive management of complex development initiatives, e.g.

  • prior to project or program start, when the basis for reaching successful completion is to be established 
  • during a project or program process, when problems have arisen and there is a need to get things back on track.


Training and presentations on how simple transformative grips from organic organizations with a high degree of self-management are successfully used in diverse project environments.


Why are we called Givers? Because development is primarily about what one is willing to give to succeed!

Givers is part of a formalized network of highly skilled profiles – each of us with our own business and accustomed to working together.

Being part of a network allows us to advise clients independently – for example, when a development initiative has become too large and there is a need to advise the client to limit the investments, which is often the case.

Givers is founded by Sofus Clemmensen, who has many years of experience with various roles in diverse project environments – respectively as CEO, Project Director, Program Manager, Project Manager, IT Manager, etc.

Sofus has a strong track record in leading and supporting complex development initiatives to successful completion. References upon request.


Get in touch if you are interested in our services or have any questions about the services offered. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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