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TEAL PROJECTS is a simple and dynamic project approach based on a Scandinavian mindset. TEAL PROJECTS is not specific to any industry

TEAL PROJECTS is developed over recent years through experiments, continuous reflections and adjustments. Besides being inspired by Wilber and Laloux, TEAL PROJECTS is also inspired by beacons like Jos de Blok, Sharda Nandram, Ricardo Semler, Niels Pflaeging, Robert Kegan, Daniel Pink, and others.

TEAL PROJECTS is based on main topics in TEAL such as self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose. In addition, TEAL PROJECTS includes topics such as competence, human interaction i organizations, sources to progress, motivation, flow, bandwidth, givers mentality, structural dilemmas, friction, simplification, etc.

TEAL PROJECTS is evolution rather than revolution – because TEAL PROJECTS is built on top of current project experience in organizations. TEAL PROJECTS is continuous learning so using TEAL PROJECTS does not mean that you have to throw all your valuable project experience overboard.

TEAL PROJECTS is particularly well-suited in project environments, where business development goes hand-in-hand with organizational development and can be used both in smaller and larger project environments. And not least, TEAL PROJECTS is a great approach to getting faltering projects back on track again…

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“Sofus’ deep knowledge and comprehensive experience in handling all kinds of development initiatives, makes him a highly respected professional. Especially his agile approach on how to deliver even larger projects fast and to a limited cost impressed me. Sofus is a very pleasant person, open minded and open hearted, and a great sparring partner as well.”
– Henrik Kjær, Sales Director, Alm. Brand

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Mail: sc@givers.dk

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