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TEAL - Givers


What is TEAL?

The term TEAL derives from philosopher Ken Wilber’s writing on the evolutionary development of human consciousness, where TEAL is defined as the next level of human consciousness.

In recent years, TEAL as a concept has become very popular mainly due to Frederic Laloux, who in his book “Reinventing Organizations” from 2014 puts TEAL in an organizational perspective. In his book, Laloux refers to “Evolutionary TEAL” as the next generation organizations, and at the same time he gives a number of examples of very successful TEAL organizations.

One reason why TEAL organizations are so successful is because they are able to attract employees as well as customers for whom purpose over profits is imperative. In contrast to today’s many hierarchical and mechanically driven organizations, TEAL organizations rest on an organic mindset.

If you have’nt already heard about TEAL, it’s a good idea to watch this short video before reading on.


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