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Get started with TEAL PROJECTS - Givers

Get started with TEAL PROJECTS

How do we work with TEAL PROJECTS?

When working with TEAL PROJECTS, we work with the project itself (or the program) as well as the surrounding organizational system. Among other things we are looking at:

  • How limited funding and ressources can create desired effect
  • The understanding of competence and how to initiate and allocate to an efficient project
  • How the sum of management and leadership can optimally support project progress

In addition, we are very aware of NOT establishing structures and systems around human interaction that are inferior to what “Human Nature” itself is capable of handling.

Get started with TEAL PROJECTS

It’s easy to get started with TEAL PROJECTS and get immediate effects. Even so, implementation of TEAL PROJECTS always occurs as an incremental change process, taking into account that scaling only takes place when necessary trust and readiness allows it.

During the change process, avoiding pitfalls do have our greatest concern, because typically it’s hard to break habits and to ensure not falling back into old patterns.

Are you interested in getting a more in-depth presentation of TEAL PROJECTS, just give us a call or send us an email…


“Although Sofus is an external consultant, he is liberating straight-forward, not only telling us what we want to hear. Sofus has the unique ability constructively to challenge us in a way that leads us to reflect. And our many life-giving sessions in front of the whiteboard on how to make development initiatives faster and cheaper has greatly contributed to our organization’s ability to execute.”
– Jesper Hvarness Kjeldgaard, Head of Business Development and IT, MP Pension

Phone: +45 2969 0169

Mail: sc@givers.dk

Book a meeting: +45 2969 0169